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I tried 4 other franchise opportunities before I did the Teleteria Casino. They all failed. I found Jay Servidio and the staff at Teleteria on https://www.facebook.com/teleteriacasino/ to be first rate. They answered all my questions and gave me the support I needed and I needed a lot at the start. The casino site started making a profit for me by the second month. Between the online gaming and the sports betting I am clearing over $20,000 a month. I quickly ordered 5 more sites and will grow more monthly. Thanks Teleteria.
Alex P, Orlando, Fl.
Played online games for 3 years before I considered owning my own site. I found TeleteriaCasino.com and requested their brochure.They called me same day and explained all the details. Then I saw some of the recent sites they did and was really impressed. The fact that they have been in business so long made me feel real comfortable with them so I went ahead and ordered a site. I started with one and quickly ordered 3 more. The daily money I make well exceeds the initial investment. I wish I started sooner. Thanks Jay.
Raymond C, Newport News, Va.
Very skeptical as I never did business with any company online. I followed Jay Servidio on https://twitter.com/JayServidio I requested info from TeleteriaCasino.com and immediately got a phone call from Jay Servidio. He took the time to explain how the industry works and how my site can get traffic and profit. My husband and I ordered a site and within 30 days made back our initial investment and made a profit of over $10,000.00. We then ordered three more sites and repeated the process of marketing the sites to profit. I love it. We make money on gaming and the sports betting is huge. Thank you Teleteria.
Marcia G. Hobart, Indiana
OMG, I cant believe I am making so much money online!! I was on a franchise site and saw an opportunity for an online casino. I read Jay’s bio on https://www.linkedin.com/in/teleteria/ All I knew about online gambling is that it made a lot of money so I requested info. I immediately got a phone call from Jay Servidio the owner of the company. He took the time and explained how the industry works. He explained how the sites work and how they generate money. After less then 2 months I made back my initial investment and thousands of dollars in profit. I love it and am so grateful for Teleteria Casino.
Larry J, Montclair N.J.
What is the with all the negative posts about this company? I checked with the BBB and they have an A+ rating, the highest available? I read abut him on https://www.facebook.com/teleteriacasino/ I did business with Jay and I am happy I did. My site is 4 months old and so far I have made $12500.00 total on a $3000.00 investment. It seems to me that people love to run to the pc to damage anyone and anything they can. I think that if they put that much effort into the marketing of their sites they would be making money instead of blaming others for their failure. I dont know these people. I am just saying. I LOVE TeleteriaCasino.com
Yolanda R. Fort Lauderdale Fla
I have been driving a truck for longer then I can remember. I am tired and want to get off the road. As far as I knew all the online opportunities were scams. I found TeleteriaCasino.com and requested the info. I immediately got a call from Jay who was obnoxious but very enthusiastic about the business, After alot of phone calls and emails I finally got comfortable enough to order a site and pay a deposit. They had the site done in 3 days and it looks awesome. I set up a Facebook page and started linking my site. I did whatever Jay and his staff told me to do and I made back my initial investment in less then 2 months. I am so very grateful that I took a chance on this. I dont know much about gambling but I know my site makes thousands of dollars a month for me and I am off the road for good!. Thanks Jay. Please add my testimonial wherever you like. https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/
Greg C. West Chester Ohio
I have been online for years looking for a work from home opportunity. I found 2 companies that built casino sites and after speaking to the people who ran them I felt uncomfortable. Then I found Teleteria Casino through a franchise website and got to speak to Jay Servidio directly, He was so enthusiastic about the business. I started with one site and quickly added another. People from all over the world play on my site and its awesome. I am so grateful for Jay and the staff at TeleteriaCasino.com
David B from Toronto Canada
I have been in nursing for over ten years and I need to earn more money but the hours are way too much for me to get another job. I have friends who I talked to about starting either an adult or casino site and I did some research. I found TeleteriaCasino.com and called the toll free number. Jay Servidio answered himself which was impressive. I told him I knew nothing about the online business and he explained how adult and casino sites work and how they generate money. I ordered a casino site and 2 months later I ordered 2 more. Jay gave me a great price. My sites generated over $27,000.00 in Super Bowl Sunday alone. I am so glad I got involved in this business and so very grateful for TeleteriaCasino.com. I follow Jay on https://twitter.com/JayServidio and you should too.

Kate F. Irving Texas
I am way hot and everyone tells me every time I step out of my house. They also tell me to get a webcam so I did some research and kept coming up with Teleteria over and over. I called them and got to talk to Jay Servidio directly. He broke it all down for me and I understood how the sites generate traffic and money. I got started and made back my initial investment in less then a month. Then Jay offered me a casino site in which I replied I know nothing about gambling. He said I didnt need to know anything about gambling other then the sites make huge money. I trusted Jay and bought 2 casino/sports betting sites. I got a great price. 3 months later $100,000.00 income in one month. Super Bowl gave me enough money to buy an investment property. I am going to do that again and again until I have 25 properties. Thats my goal and I will reach it with the sites from Teleteria. Thank you Jay Servidio and the staff at TeleteriaCasino.com Please follow the https://twitter.com/JayServidio and https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/
Teressa Z. La Jolla Ca
Like most people we are always looking for more income for our family. We went through the process of work at home online opportunities and then we found http://www.teleteriacasino.com/ Jay took the time to talk to me himself which really made me feel comfortable. I ordered a site and within 2 months made back my initial investment and profited. Year to date I have earned over $100,000.00 in profit of the 3 sites I now have. Its terrific and easy to manage with the admin page that tells me all my stats. I get paid on time every time and Jay and staff are there to help with all my questions. https://www.linkedin.com/in/teleteria/ You should also follow him on https://twitter.com/JayServidio
Amber T. Salt Lake City Utah
Lost my job and cashed in my 401k. I have friends that gamble online day and night and I decided to get my own up. Of all the companies I could find the only one I trusted was https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/
I read the posts the good and the bad and I read the BBB where they have an A+ rating, the highest rating available. The deciding point for me was on a Skype call when I looked Jay right in the eyes and listened. I wired him $25,000.00 and bought several sites with marketing packages. In less then 60 days I made ALL my money back and ordered more sites. The sense of freedom I have now is amazing. I am so grateful to https://www.facebook.com/teleteriacasino/ and Jay Servidio. I follow them on https://twitter.com/JayServidio and https://www.facebook.com/teleteriacasino/
Neil D. Phoenix Az
My story is common. Single mom raising 2 kids on my own with high school education. My job is ok but its tight month after month and it makes me feel insecure all the time. It sucks. People are always talking about online porn and online gambling. Fortunately I found a company that is the leader in both of those businesses on https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/. I requested a brochure and spoke to Jay Servidio directly. I called and emailed him for 3 weeks before I got started. They built me a casino site with sports betting and after 3 months I made back my initial investment and a nice profit. My site earns over $2500.00 profit a week now and I just ordered 3 more sites to grow. Jay told me to grow slowly so I dont get overwhelmed. He always gives me great advice. I love him and his staff and highly recommend them to all who want a real change. You can follow them on https://twitter.com/JayServidio
Laura S. Seattle Wash.
I have been a client of https://www.facebook.com/teleteriacasino/ for about a year. I started with one site and now have 12. 6 casino and 6 adult all linked together and sharing traffic. Exactly like Jay Servidio told me when I first requested a brochure and talked to him on the phone. I dont understand the negative posts. I did what was told and it worked out just fine. I would recommend https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/ to anyone who wants to make money online. By the way I said I have been a client for about a year. I made $235,000.00 in that year with my sites. You want a revenue stream call Jay Servidio and follow him on https://twitter.com/JayServidio
Zachary P. Boulder CO.
My wife and I were very curious about the money being made on online sports betting. We spent hours doing research online and https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/ and http://www.jayservidio.com/ kept coming up every time we searched. We requested a brochure and he called right away and he immediately offered to meet with us in person since we didnt live very far and we had plans to visit NYC the following month. Jay Servidio could not have been more polite and professional. We felt comfortable and trusted him almost right away. He is a fast talking New Yorker so we were guarded at first. We started with 2 sites and within 6 months have 3 more. In just over 9 months we made over $90,000.00 mostly from the sports betting. We highly recommend Jay Servidio and the staff at Teleteria to help you navigate the Internet and you should follow them on https://twitter.com/JayServidio
Mr & Mrs Robert C. Nashua New Hampshire
Lost my job lost my house and almost lost my marriage. Cashed out my savings and bought adult and casino sites from https://www.facebook.com/teleteriacasino/ Its been 6 months now and last month my sites earned more then I made all last year working for someone else. Thank you http://www.jayservidio.com/ and please add my review to https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/
Richard N. Washington DC
With no college the only jobs I can get that pay well are construction. I saw the next 40 years doing hard work and made some decisions. I went online and read everything I could and came to the conclusion that I needed to get some websites up and do whatever I had to do to make them a success. Jay Servidio was the obvious answer. He started offering the adult sites in 1994 gambling/sports betting sites since 2003. His company https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/ is number one in the business and has all the credentials I could ask for. http://www.jayservidio.com/ took all my calls and emails and taught me all I needed to know and more. After 5 months I quit my job and manage my sites full time. At the end of 6 months my sites were earning over $45,000.00 a month. I never dreamed I could earn so much money working for myself. I love https://www.facebook.com/teleteriacasino/ and follow them on https://twitter.com/JayServidio
Marcus W. Chicago Illinois
I was a secretary in a law firm for 7 years watching scummy lawyers get rich while I barely made ends meet. I wanted more. This is the one life I will ever have. I went online and searched. Sex and gambling are the ONLY areas to make money online. I tried an online casino from my casino franchise and lost $3000.00. I told them I had reviewed https://www.facebook.com/teleteriacasino/ but they told me they were no good and that they had a better record. What a load of crap. After they got my money I never could get them on the phone and my site never worked. I then contact http://www.jayservidio.com/ again and told Jay what happened. He said he hears that story daily from victims of these fly by night companies. I checked Jay out with the BBB and saw that they were in business since 1994 and had an A+ rating. I ordered a site and made back my money in less then 30 days. I also can get Jay Servidio on the phone whenever I want. I highly recommend them to everyone and follow them https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/ and on https://twitter.com/JayServidio
Mary Ann H Sante Fe New Mexico
I was very skeptical about this guy from New York. I spoke to him on the phone and Skype a bunch of times before I felt comfortable. He offered a free webinar that I attended and that was the deciding factor. I watched http://www.jayservidio.com/ answer question after question and it was obvious he really knows his stuff. I ordered the Option 5 Package for $8000.00 and in my 4th month I made over $25,000.00 USD. I hace since had a bunch of my friends get involved and we share and bounce traffic back and forth. Read about him on https://www.linkedin.com/in/teleteria/ and follow Jay Servidio on https://twitter.com/JayServidio for updates. I highly recommend TeleteriaCasino.com to everyone who needs a rev stream online.
Warren J. Brisbane Australia
I worked in casinos for over ten years and hated every minute of it. I read more and more everyday about the billions being made in online sports betting and I wanted to try it. We compared the price between TeleteriaCasino.com and 2 other companies. We really didnt know there was a difference so we went with the cheaper one and lost all the money. Thank God it was only 500.00. Then we contacted http://www.jayservidio.com/ again and got a real nice deal. I got to tell you that we made over $10,000.00 in our first 3 months and never looked back. Its true you get what you pay for. We follow Jay Servidio on https://twitter.com/JayServidio and go to Vegas every time he is there to have dinner with him and catch up. Thank you https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/
Judy L. Reno NV
I have had enough of working for someone else and making their dreams come true. I want mine and I want it now!!
I went for it with TeleteriaCasino.com with 2 sites. I didnt have all the money so http://www.jayservidio.com/ gave me a deal over time. I made over $15,000.00 in the first 3 months paid off the sites and ordered 5 more. I love my life and love the freedom I have now working for myself. I could not have done it without TeleteriaCasino.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/teleteria/ and I follow them on https://twitter.com/JayServidio
Rocco B Madison Wisconsin
$25,000.00 a month profit. It took 6 months to get to that point but I made it and yes my life changed. I have friends that got on board and some that didnt. I will never understand how people know about this business and have the opportunity to get involved and still dont. http://www.jayservidio.com/ helped me every step of the way and takes my call whenever I need help. I read about him on https://www.linkedin.com/in/teleteria/ and follow him on https://twitter.com/JayServidio and you should too. Please feel free to use my review at anytime.
Frank L. Royal Oak Md.
I dont know if http://www.jayservidio.com/ will use this review but here goes. I found him arrogant and a typical fast talking New Yorker BUT my sites make money so I am grateful for him and the staff at https://www.facebook.com/Teleteria-Casino-Reviews-453963634814508/. It took just over 2 months for my sites to start making money. Month 2, $3300.00. Month 3, $6400.00. Month 4, $8900.00. Month 5, $13,400.00. I ordered 3 more sites and I love https://www.linkedin.com/in/teleteria/ and follow them on https://twitter.com/JayServidio You need to get with Jay Servidio and get started NOW. Why wait? Dont make the same mistake I did.
Eddie H. Los Angeles Ca
Teleteria Rules Period!!
I started like most people by requesting a brochure and speaking directly to http://www.jayservidio.com/ and following him on https://twitter.com/JayServidio. I ordered one adult site and 2 months later when I made back my initial investment I ordered 2 casino sites. 2 months later I generated over $60,000.00 in revenue. Thank you Carolina Panthers!! If I didnt take the chance with Teleteria I would still be stuck in a dead end job with a sucky life. I highly recommend Telerteria and more importantly I recommend you stop reading these reviews and call https://www.linkedin.com/in/teleteria/ and get started.
Lance M. San Diego Ca.

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