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TeleteriaCasino.com has been building custom turn key sites since 1994. It has been our policy to have our clients get paid on their revenue direct from the billing company. That eliminates TeleteriaCasino.com from the revenue steam and allows our clients to receive the full benefit of their work and all their profits. We feel stong that our clients should not have to share their revenue with anyone. TeleteriaCasino.com charges a set up fee and a small monthly recurring fee for hosting.

The online casino industry has always worked the opposite way. Everyone that attempts to make profits in the online casino industry has to share their profits with numerous companies. They do not get paid on time. They dont get reports on time or in some circumstances never at all.

IT ALL STOPS NOW With Teleteria Casino Business!

TeleteriaCasino.com will build you your own custom casino web site and you will have a direct agreement to be paid from the company that provides the casino software.

As the owner you’ll receive 35% of the net revenues, that your online casino generates. For example with 35% payouts, if someone purchases chips for $10,000.00 and loses it all you are entitled to $3500.00 in ¬†revenue.

You will Not be sharing your profits with TeleteriaCasino.com and you will be paid direct from the casino company.

You are not responsible for any of the high licensing, legal, management, banking, customer care, programming and insurance fees. The licensed casino in the UK handles that.

Teleteria Casino Business

Teleteria Casino Business

Teleteria Casino Business

Teleteria Casino Business

You earn commission every month for the life-time of the players. We do not charge you processing fees and payments are sent to you on the 15th of each month covering the previous month.

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  • Creation of Custom Casino Website, Logo and all Graphics

  • 100+ Casino Games

  • Casino Software Download

  • Sportsbook/Reality TV Betting

  • 35% net revenue paid DIRECTLY TO YOU from software company

  • Unlimited marketing assistance

  • Unlimited support

  • Ongoing consultation provided free of charge


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Teleteria Casino Business

Teleteria Casino Business


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