Why Is TeleteriaCasino.com The ONLY Sensible Choice For Your Online Turn-Key Casino & Sports Betting Solution?

  • The Number One reason to do business with Teleteria Casino is that you are paid DIRECTLY from the casino operator on ALL your revenue. NO other online casino provider will do that. They ALL get a percentage of your revenue and are paid from the casino operator then they pay you. They are middle men. Do you think you can get a turnkey casino business and profit while someone else shares in your revenue?

  • The payout of our package is 35% of the net loss each month. You get paid DIRECT from the casino operator so you get a true 35%. All other turnkey casino business gets paid on your revenue then they keep some and pay you. You have no idea exactly how much money the site earned because you dont have access to the stats. With Teleteria Casino you have ALL access direct with with the casino operator.

  • We have more casino games and worldwide sports betting. We currently have over 100 games in our casino suite – both Download and Instant-Play games. Anyone on earth can bet on any sporting event anywhere on earth and you get paid 35% of the loss when they lose. Teleteria Casino is the finest method to achieve your financial goals online.

  • We have been serving the online community since 1994 providing real opportunities for our clients. Real opportunities because every package we build for a client is direct with the payout provider. We are the ONLY company online who does not share in our clients profits. If you seek real opportunities and dont want to have a stranger share in your revenue then contact Teleteria Casino today.

  • We offer multi-lingual Casino and Sportsbook so you can truly market your site world wide! Only Teleteria Casino offers that.

  • Many of our “competitors” are simply offering poor design. Check out their sites and see for yourself and compare them to Teleteria Casino! They offer cheap prices for cheap design and they share in your revenue.

  • More technologically advanced. Our new lobby area is the only software that provides “Install on Demand” – a system which downloads and installs new games in the background while the player continues to play games. The games to be downloaded can be chosen by the player so that the next game they want to play is installed and ready for them when they have finished on their current game. This eliminates long downloads at the start.

  • No minimum monthly requirements. This is certainly not possible with other companies, not least due to the monthly fees levied.

  • No monthly fees for software. These are considerable with other companies, and can impact adversely on the growth of a customer’s casino.

  • No licensing fees. Many companies require an annual licensing fee of anything between $3,000 to $20,000. We do not.


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Incredible Features and Payouts!

All the top casino games, global sports betting and best promotions around!

We offer you the best Casino Turnkey Business available!


100+ Casino Games

  • Free Casino Download

  • Instant Play

  • Live Dealer Games

  • Progressive Jackpots

  • Table Games

  • Slots

  • Play for Fun/Play for Real



Sports and Reality TV Betting

  • Soccer

  • Football

  • All Fighting/MMA/Boxing

  • All Horse Racing/Motor Sports

  • Olympics

  • Golf

  • Special Events

  • Baseball

  • Hockey

  • Basketball

  • All Sports in All Countries 24 Hours A Day!



Best Player Promotions!

  • 100% 1st Deposit Bonus

  • $1,000 High Roller Bonus

  • 50% 2nd Deposit Bonus

  • 30% 3rd Deposit Bonus

  • 100% 4th Deposit Bonus

  • 15% Anytime Card Bonus

  • Monthly Promotions


Why Teleteria Casino? Good Question!

Why not find another company that’s cheaper than Teleteria Casino?

Teleteria has been in this business helping people since September of 1994. We have made millions of dollars on our web sites and assisted in making millions of dollars for our customers web sites as well.

Jay Servidio, the owner of TeleteriaCasino.com, is a guest speaker at conferences and internet trade shows all over the world.

  • TeleteriaCasino.com is the only company that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • TeleteriaCasino.com is the only design company that appears at trade shows.
  • Jay Servidio has spoken at trade shows worldwide.
  • Jay Servidio has taught classes in New York City and Toronto Canada for years on how to get started and make money online.
  • TeleteriaCasino.com owns its own servers. Using state of the art redundant servers connected to the internet in a no fault environment.
  • TeleteriaCasino.com has been in this industry the longest and has the best track record.
  • TeleteriaCasino.com uses the best software that is unmatched by other companies.
  • Jay Servidio has writen articles for the major trade publications on the online industry and its direction.
  • Jay Servidio and Teleteria have been written about on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, a 5000 word feature cover story in The New York Press and Profit magazine.

Now that you are more educated on who Teleteria is, allow me to explain who the other companies are that you can choose to navigate you through this business.

  • Their design is poor.
  • Their content is low grade, cheap and all over the net.
  • They don’t own their own servers and therefore have to host with another company which forces them to go cheap which means
  • your sites are down for 2-3 days a month.
  • They take a percentage of your revenue and you have to trust them that they are reporting sales accurately.
  • They offer real cheap set up prices to attract you and then have no follow up of assistance with traffic.
  • They have no interest in your success because they already made their money off of you.
  • They Do Not offer a satisfaction guarantee like Teleteria.
  • They don’t show up at our trade shows. Even when we have a trade show close to their company.
  • Teleteria flies all over the world attending and speaking at shows to assist people.
  • They go out of business and take your money with them.
  • They have no idea how to market an adult web site.
  • They have not been written about in any publications whatsoever.



  • Creation of Custom Casino Website, Logo and all Graphics

  • 100+ Casino Games

  • Casino Software Download

  • Sportsbook/Reality TV Betting

  • 35% net revenue paid DIRECTLY TO YOU from software company

  • Unlimited marketing assistance

  • Unlimited service

  • Ongoing consultation provided free of charge


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